• 28th June
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That’s not snow, that’s Kiev in infrared

Recently reopened, photographer Elektraua shot photos of the place which is often described as the “Montmartre of Kiev”, using infrared film.

The leaves on the trees glow a vibrant white, statues and architecture stand out from the buildings on the path. After the new paving and reconstruction, the historical street, which used to serve as a trade center and home to many museums and stores, is looking very beautiful now. The path leads up to the old St. Andrews church on the top of the hill.

第一眼看到這些照片的時候還以為是雪, 沒想到用 infrared film 拍出來的效果這麼特殊, 白色的樹木好夢幻的感覺~~~

(Source: visualnews.com)

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