• 1st September
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Olympic Shooting Venue by Magma Architecture

Berlin-based firm Magma Architecture designed the truly unforgettable shooting ranges for the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. Composed of three temporary tent-like structures that are covered in a white PVC membrane that is broken up with brightly colored circular openings. Held up by steel trusses, the facades of the structures are stretched and feature the protruding circles that are not just for looks – they actually create ventilation and maintain the temperature inside. The circles also make up the entry and exit points.

Doesn’t the exterior look like it was shot up with bullets? Well, extremely colorful bullets. Or some sort of undersea creature.

雖然英國在這次奧運的「地主優勢」使用上, 讓我不敢苟同, 不過這次的幾個場館, 包括籃球館都是很綠化可拆解式的建築, 仍然表現了先進及先端。 這座射擊館的外表很超現實, 那些彩色的孔除了實用性可以作為通風和出入口使用外, 造型就像被子彈打中一樣, 完全符合該座場館的用途, 極有創意!!

(Source: design-milk.com)